How to Apply

Our service specializes in the checking and processing of TSA PreCheck applications. We are a private third party company and are not related or endorsed by any government agency. We cannot affect the outcome of your TSA PreCheck membership.

Step 1. Each applicant must pay our service fee for the help with the application. This has a guarantee if it’s rejected b/c of an error on the application we will refund your money paid for our service. The actual membership paid directly to the government is non-refundable. 

Step 2. You will get a confirmation that your application has been submitted and is being worked on.

Step 3. There is a security and background check and this process takes 2-6 weeks. There is nothing that can be done to speed this up but we let you know once we hear back from the government. 

Step 4. Once Conditionally Approved schedule and attend an interview at a US enrollment center of your choice. If you need help with this, we can help you to get this scheduled. 

TSA PreCheck Program Fees

We have an error-free guarantee. If your application is denied because of an error on your form then we will refund your money if we cannot fix it for you. 

To join the TSA PreCheck Program applicants must pay the following fees:

SERVICE  FEE  OBSERVATIONS Processing Fee   $149   One off payment 
  TSA PreCheck Membership Fee   $85   Valid for 5 years of membership